If you have not returned a completed renewal application and appropriate fees, your license or certificate has lapsed and you will need to reinstate!

Per A.R.S. 32-2218(B) for veterinarians:  "Failure to pay the license fee before February 1 following expiration of the license shall be a forfeiture of the license, and the license shall not be restored except upon written application to the board an payment of the penalty fee..."

Per A.A.C. R3-11-103(D): "If a licensee fails to submit a license renewal form, renewal fee, or list of continuing education by February 1 of every odd-numbered year, the licensee shall immediately stop engaging in the practice of veterinary medicine until the license complies with the requirements..."


For CVTs:  A.A.C. R3-11-607(B): A certificate holder who fails to submit the certificate renewal fee and required information before February 1 of every odd-numbered year forfeits all privileges and rights extended by the certificate.

  • If you allowed your license/certificate renewal application was not received in the Board office by February 28, 2013, you will need to follow the reinstatement process.
  • Reinstatement requires Board approval, so changing your status to "Active" will not be immediate and may take up to 4-5 weeks. Penalty fees still apply.
  • Please contact the Licensing Administrator at (602) 542-8166 or kodi.calais@vetboard.az.gov to request the appropriate reinstatement form.

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