If you have a problem with a veterinarian or a clinic, the Board suggests that you first talk to the veterinarian. Many problems can be settled easily and satisfactorily by talking to the veterinarian in charge.
If your complaint cannot be satisfied by direct communication with your veterinarian, or if you are uncomfortable talking to your veterinarian, then you may want to file a complaint with the Board by completing our Complaint Investigation Form. However, please be aware the Board has no jurisdiction over fees or fee disputes. The Board does not award monetary damages, nor does it compel veterinarians to refund any monies.
Upon receipt of the complaint, the complaint is logged and you (the complainant) will be notified of the Agency’s receipt of the complaint and will be given an assigned case number. The respondent (the veterinarian the complaint is filed against) is sent a copy of the complaint. Once a case is opened, it must go through the entire process and cannot be withdrawn. The case will then pass through three distinct divisions of the Agency:
1.       Investigative Division - Staff of the Agency.
2.      Investigative Committee – An Investigative body that is comprised of 3 veterinarians and 2 public members, all of who volunteer their time and receive no remuneration.
3.       Veterinary Board – An adjudicating body comprised of 5 veterinarians and 3 public members and 1 certified veterinary technician, all of who are appointed by the Governor to serve a 4-year term.

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