The Board issues premise licenses to veterinarians where veterinary medical services are provided. Upon receipt of an application at the Board’s office, the premise may then open for business. The premise is required to be providing veterinary services to the public prior to inspection. The Board then has ninety (90) days to process the application and complete an inspection of the premise. Please review the Inspection Report to assist in complying with the Board’s requirements for premises.
A premise license is renewable every two years. If there is a change in location, ownership or responsible veterinarian, a new application with fee must be submitted to the Board. If there is a change to the premise name or scope of practice, the Premise Name Change/Scope Form must be completed and submitted to the Board, however no fee is required.
A responsible veterinarian is assigned to each premise. The responsible veterinarian is responsible for maintaining the records of the veterinary practice, ensuring the equipment is adequate, sanitation is maintained and for all premise personnel.

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